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Natural stone beads give your jewelry a unique look

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Natural stone beads give your jewelry a unique look

With natural stone beads you can make truly special pieces of jewelry. Natural stone beads come in the most enchanting colors, such as salmon pink, turquoise, olive-green or dark purple. Natural stone beads may vary somewhat in shape and color and therefore each natural stone bead is quite unique. At BeadYourFashion you can order (semi) precious stone beads and pendants, coral beads and other kinds of natural stone beads.

Genuine natural stone beads

All our natural stone beads are made of genuine natural stone. The different colors of our beads can be the natural color of the natural stone, but the natural stone beads can also be dyed in various beautiful colors. BeadYourFashion’s assortment also contains genuine freshwater pearls. Freshwater pearls have a special lustre and are available in natural-, pastel-, and dark colors. The price of a genuine freshwater pearl depends on its shape: in general, an evenly shaped genuine freshwater pearl is more expensive than an irregular genuine freshwater pearl.

Order natural stone beads easily online

Natural stone beads can be ordered safely and easily online at BeadYourFashion. Our wide range of beads and accessories give you lots of choices for making wonderful jewelry. In addition, BeadYourFashion sells lovely gift bags and luxury gift boxes to gift wrap your jewelry.




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