The latest jewelry trends

Should you choose warm colors, pastel tones or bright colors according to the jewelry trends of this season? Every year there are new colors and materials that are totally in! At BeadYourFashion you won't only find a wide range of beautiful and fashionable beads and charms, you can also read about the latest jewelry trends.

Making your own trendy jewelry with amazing beads

Read all about the latest developments in the fashion world and get ideas and inspiration for making beautiful jewelry. BeadYourFashion discusses the trendy colors and important jewelry trends of the season, so you will be able to match your jewelry with your new outfit. In addition, each week BeadYourFashion puts fashionable beads, charms, accessories and jewelry with a specific theme in the spotlights. You might also want to check out the special offers of BeadYourFashion. Each week several articles can temporarily be ordered with a nice discount.

Jewelry Trends Autumn/Winter 2014

Jewelry Trend Autumn/Winter 2014 Boho Chic
Jewelry Trend Autumn/Winter 2014 Trending Colors
Jewelry Trend Autumn/Winter 2014 Trending Prints

Jewelry Trends Autumn/Winter 2013

Jewelry Trend Autumn/Winter 2013 Leading Lady
Jewelry Trend Autumn/Winter 2013 Space Punk
Jewelry Trend Autumn/Winter 2013 English Sophistication



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